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A reflection on Islam in the wake of the Martyrdom of Fr. Jacques Hamel

fr-jacques-hamelToday we are devastated by acts of terrorism, violence and death. This spillover of acts of terrorism are, according to French President Hollande, something with which we should learn to live. His mentality and rhetoric are part of the wider western mentality amongst liberal politicians. Whenever acts of terrorism are committed, these politicians are quick to point out that we should not paint the entire picture with a broad stroke by generalizing, or condemning a person, or a group, or an organization. Moreover, they tell us we should be introspective and come with our Mea Culpa: How have I contributed to this act of terrorism? Maybe I have indirectly caused this by making this person feel isolated or unwelcome. But there have been far too many chantings of “Allahu Akbar” (meaning “God is great”) by terrorists, while blowing themselves up killing many innocent victims, or while they go on their killing sprees.

Is this really our fault? Must we accept this as the new normal, and live with it? Allow me to use an analogy of a beehive to explain the situation. There was a mean-spirited boy who decided to poke a beehive. When he started to poke the beehive, disturbing the bees who were busy doing what they are supposed to do, they attacked. Can the bees be blamed for their act of aggression? Absolutely not! After all, what do you expect when you poke a beehive? If you disturb the bees, you are bound to experience their stinging wrath! The Western media would like to have us believe that we are that mean-spirited boy and that the Middle East is the bee who is victimized by our atrocities.

Today’s popular rhetoric is, “we’ve messed up; we must be held responsible for any of the acts of aggression and terrorism we may experience. We brought this upon ourselves, it is all our fault.” But in doing so, we are failing to give credit to whom credit is due. ISIS commits acts of terrorism and they claim the terrorist act, but the western media covers this up by saying, it is not an act of terrorism – the motive is unknown! Imagine the frustration of the terrorists who want to be called terrorists!

Attack.pngGeopolitics alone cannot be responsible for jihad around the world, because Islam does not have the cleanest record. We would be amiss if we forgot the lessons throughout history.

According to Dr. Bill Warner, the President of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (, the idea that Christianity and Islam are the same- that both are just as bad and that they both have the same violent streaks in them – is simply not true. Muslim apologists often put the uneducated Christians, and Catholics alike, to shame and silence them by bringing up the crusades. “Jihads and Crusades, it is all the same! So don’t bring up Jihad, and we won’t mention the Crusades, okay?”

Well, Dr. Warner reminds us all of the following:

There have been 9 major crusades, starting in Jerusalem, and the Holy Land, modern day Turkey, and the Middle East. The Crusades were fought by Christians against Muslims. At the time of the Crusades, the Middle East was predominantly Christian, and the reason for the fighting during the crusades was to defend Christian Brothers and Sisters who were being killed, robbed, and raped by the Islam invaders, much like what is happening in Syria today. These Crusades were for the most part defensive wars which were fought in an effort to help defend and liberate their fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Unlike the crusades, the jihads were far more numerous. Against the classical civilizations of Rome and Greece alone, there were 548 battles! Furthermore, the Crusades ended centuries ago, jihad is still practiced today.

Springing out of the Arabian Peninsula, and expanding to the Christian Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe, it was the intention of the Ottoman Empire to take over Western Europe. But thanks to Pope Pius V and the Holy League (consisting of Papal States, the Hapsburg states of Spain, Naples and Sicily, the Republic of Venice, the Republic of Genoa, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the Duchies of Savoy, Parma and Urbino, and the Knights of Malta) the Ottomans were defeated and their invasion stopped. The victory came from the decisive battle of Lepanto on October 7th, 1571 and we commemorate this victory on October 7th as the Feast of Our Lady of Victory.

Our Lady of Victory

Let us not sweep the 1400 years of jihad under the rug pretending it never happened, and say it’s all our fault! The truth is, the Quran has some very violent verses that contribute to jihad ( Islam has a long history of violence – 1400 years of jihad, which includes pillaging, murdering, raping (, taking millions of women as sex slaves (, and the desecration of Christian Holy Sites.

It is true that most of the Muslim population around the world are peaceful and respectful people. It is also true that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists. But the problem remains, as violent streaks of jihad are found both in the Quran and in the history of Islam, even to this day. Despite the comparison made with the Old Testament Bible, such as commanding war against the enemies of Israel and the annihilation of these, we read these verses in their historical context. Simply put, we don’t see Jewish peoples and Christians committing acts of terrorism today.

Muslims are not the problem. Instead, it is the Islamic doctrine that is at the heart of the problem. Islam is about domination – subjugating the inferior unbelievers. Muslims invaded and overtook the Christian Holy Land, which was the centre of early Christianity. And then Muslims invaded the Byzantine Empire and overtook Constantinople, which was also the centre of Christianity during the Middle Ages. And this time, the new self-proclaimed Caliphate, ISIS, wants to invade Rome and overtake the Vatican!

Islam will have to grapple with the violent streak of their religion by condemning jihad and actively promoting peace in order to make it true to what they claim it to be, “A Religion of Peace”… a challenge for a religion that commands “Submission” and not dialogue.

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